Payment Providers

Atlantic eBridge supports integrations to several different Payment providers, for automated settlements and book keeping. Click your payment providers logo in the images below, or in the list menu at the right side, to learn how to connect to your payment provider for automated settlements. 

How do we bookkeep settlements

When you connect to your payment provider, all settlement files will be bookkept to a general ledger balance account in your accounting system (i.e. account 1570). You can select which balance account in your general ledger you want to use as default - and all settlements can be bookkept to the same account. You can also set up each of your payment providers to be bookkept in separate balance accounts. i.e. account 1571 for Klarna and 1572 for PayPal. 

We also provide settings for which general ledger account that your payment providers fees will be bookkept to (this is usually an account called 7770 in the norwegian standard general ledger). You can have one fee account per each payment provder if you want to see how much you are paying for each payment provider.  

We also strongly recommend that you add a general interim account, which the system can bookkeep settlements to, if we dont find a matching invoice. This can happen if you recieve settlements from your payment provider at orders/invoices which were created before you started to use Atlantic eBridge, or if you have an old return, the settlement data we process can contain info about a credit. The account you use for this setting should be checked by you or your accountant regularly - and settlements book kept to this account needs to be manually handled in your accountings.  

How does the functionality for automated settlement work:

The integration will automatically load settlement files when they are accesible from your payment provider. Atlantic eBridge will load the file and book keep the settlements in your accounting system. Within each order placed in your webstore (where the customer have chosen to pay with one of your payment providers) - the order contains a payment reference in the data we recieve. This payment referance is also found in the settlment files which the payment providers create. We match these payment references and make sure that the correct invoices in your accountin system will be marked as paid. We also book keep the opposite entry to an interim account in your accounting system. 

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