How to connect to Vipps for automated settlements

  • At the Left Navigation Panel select the Connections section.
  • Press the button Add new connection.

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  • At the Payment provider section press ADD button next to Vipps.

Vipps add.png

  • At the connection section please define the Connection name for your connection and press Save.

Vipps name.png

Please Select Payment vendor account, Payment fee account, and Interim account. If you select none here - the accounts used at Connections - accounting system, will be used (see description here).

Here are some recommendations for the selection of accounts;

  • Payment vendor account: We recommend that you use a separated account for each payment provider, i.e. in the 152x-series in your General ledger, and that you name it i.e. "Webordre Vipps"
  • Payment fee account: We do recommend to use a separate Payment fee account - this will make it very easy for you to see how much you have had in total fees from each payment provider. I.e.: If you have used account 7771 for Vipps, you could use account 7772 for another payment provider.
  • The Interim account are normally the same for all payment providers - this account will only be used when you receive settlements that we can not find any match for (i.e. old refunds or payments from invoices that were not processed by Atlantic eBridge). If you dont select a specific account in the settings for each Payment Provider, the interim account selected below Connections - accounting system, will be used (see description here).

    Note: You need to make sure that all accounts exist in your general ledger (no: hovedbok) in the accounting system before you can find them here. 
    (To see your newly added accounts from the ledger here; Please click Connections on left side panel and go back in to Payment provider settings after you have created the accounts in your accounting system) 

  • After the accounts are specified, the system needs your Vipps account credentials (Client Id, Client secret, Subscription key) to start using Vipps API.
  • You will find these at your Vipps portal; 
    Log in with your Bank ID. Select Vipps på nett - Utvikler. 
    In the page that opens, you will see a table with one or several sales units listed. Make sure you select the correct sales unit, and that you have selected "production" in the top. 


  • Click your sales unit, and copy the Client ID, secret and subscription key into the corresponding fields inside Atlantic eBridge app. 

    Vipps save settings.png
  • Select start date, please make sure that you select the current date if you want to start settlement file processing today. We can process data from periods backwards in time, but we are unable to find a match on sales/invoices that were not created by Atlantic eBridge. Settlements without a match will then be booked against the interim account you have chosen.
  • Press the save button to complete the setup process.